Thursday, November 17, 2011

News About the Library World

The Huffington Post has a new series on "Libraries in Crisis".

Here are two excerpts from the site:

Taken from The Daring Librarian blog:
Why Librarians Should be More Like Lady Gaga
"We need to be more like Lady GaGa than Lady Bird Johnson. We need to establish a clear, pervasive, vibrant, and involved presence in their school, community, and on the web. The more visible librarians are the less likely that they’ll be taken away. Those teacher librarians who are hiding their brilliant programs under a bushel, that’s when they’re most likely to get cut."

From Andrew Losowsky (Books Editor at The Huffington Post):
Why It's Time to Speak Up for Our Libraries
"If information is power, then public libraries are the essence of democracy and freedom. Yet they are under threat from a litany of cuts.
In June 2010, New York librarians staged protests against proposed budget cuts totaling $37 million. They called their campaign "We will not be shushed."
The time has come for libraries to speak up."

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