Thursday, June 29, 2006

Buena Park Library District's School Library Card Campaign is Winding DOWN but HURRY IN by Saturday, July 1st!

This is for all the 2nd, 4th and 6th Graders from Saint Pius School, the Buena Park School District and the Centralia School District! Those "OPEN ME" library information packets you received at the end of school since April and this past month ARE STILL GOOD to get your library card and special surprise!

  • Saint Pius students are leading the pack with 16% of its students getting new or renewing their library cards!
  • The Buena Park School District is second with 5% of its students from all six schools participating.
  • The Centralia School District is third with just 2% of their students from all nine schools participating.

So come on over to the Library and let us know what grade you WERE in -- 2nd, 4th, or 6th grade -- and get your new library card or get a different library card for FREE! Or you can come to collect your surprise if you like the card you have -- show us your card, let us know which school and you're done!

Pssst! We are having a new online tutoring service that you will be able to use pretty soon from home. It is for math, English and science for the 4th graders on up ... so you need your library card for that!

July 1st is the last day!

For information, call 714-826-4100 or come by! We look forward to seeing you here!

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