Wednesday, September 05, 2012

This Then That: Downton Abbey & The Forsyte Saga

If you liked...

Then try...

Count yourself among the millions of viewers that fell under the spell of the Downton Abbey? Well you'll have a bit of a wait until the 3rd season premieres in January, so why not occupy your time with another sweeping English melodrama featuring an ensemble cast?

 Based on a series of novels by John Galsworthy, The Forsyte Saga (2002) chronicles the trials and tribulations of a wealthy family in 19th century England.  The story unfolds with the marriage of the rigid Soames Forsyte to the beautiful and idealistic Irene Heron.  What follows are decades of  intrigue, forbidden romance, and family feuds.  Both miniseries were produced by Masterpiece Classic, so expect the same production values (lush period costumes and sets) present in Downton Abbey.  

The Library has the entire Forsyte Saga miniseries in our collection, along with a collected volume of Galsworthy's Forsyte novels.  And you can always get your Downton Abbey fix at the Library as well, in preparation for the new season.

Ugh, is it January yet?

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