Tuesday, June 12, 2012

NBA Finals

The 2012 NBA Finals have begun. If you don't watch the series, you'll miss a great matchup between the young but poised Oklahoma City Thunder and last year’s runner-up, the Miami Heat. Here are a few books in our library's collection to tide you over on non-game nights. Let's go, Thunder!

The Book of Basketball
Absurdly thick at 715 pages

Character Driven
Biography of ex-Laker Derek Fisher,
currently #37 on the Thunder

They Call Me Coach
Reflections of the late John Wooden,
who built a basketball dynasty at UCLA

LeBron James: A Basketball Star Who Cares
If you're not a fan of LeBron James,
give this children's biography a try.

1 comment:

Max Oliveros said...

Well, too bad that Boston didn't make it to the final. Oh, well. the thunder will just beat the heat (anything that spoils lebron james is fine with me, tee-hee-hee).