Friday, March 23, 2012

Tuesdays with Melville

OK it's not Tuesday.  I did plan to put this up next Tuesday but I just couldn't wait the whole weekend.  Unless you are reading this on a Tuesday, in which case, happy Tuesday and please enjoy the humor of my post title which at this moment is absolutely making sense to you!

I have Melville shenanigans to report:  a few weeks back, an employee had loaded up a cart of supplies he needed for some repair work.  Don't ask me why but one of the items on his cart was a big ball of twine.  At some point he walked away from his cart and when he returned the ball of twine was gone!  Flash forward to this week when the same employee ventured down into the basement machine-room... what should he discover but the all but forgotten ball of twine!  So he took a picture...
Do you see it?  It's between those paper bags.  Yes, it's the same color as the bags, look hard!

Now who would want to steal a ball of twine and hide it in the basement?  Perhaps a ghostly cat who likes to hide out there?  But there's one more thing.  You can't tell from the picture but that ball of twine is really big -- much bigger than the average ball of yarn that a normal sized kitty would be able to bat around.

Melville, are you a mountain lion??

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