Tuesday, September 20, 2011

NoveList Plus -- a great resource at the Buena Park Library

The following was posted by librarian Sarah Houghton on her blog Librarian in Black:

"Scout’s honor, I actually do use NoveList to find new books if I’m looking for something in a particular genre. NoveList is an online resource that many public libraries subscribe to, and I’m glad mine does. [NOTE: So does the Buena Park Library] It is a-w-e-s-o-m-e. From the first time I tried NoveList years ago, it has always made me happy and gives me good recommendations. Tell it what authors you like, or a book you like, or just keywords you want to read about. Boom! Book recommendations. And I love using it with family members, non-library-world friends, or library users and showing them how to browse around. You can get lost in there for hours following thread after thread and finding more and more books to put on your “to read” list. The K-8 version is great for kids too. I actually found a long-lost-childhood-favorite-book using NoveList after every other method had failed–describing the book to long-time children’s librarians, searching by keywords on search engines and other book sites, no dice. Love it."

Visit our website to access this great database or stop at the Questions Desk for a quick lesson from one of our librarians.

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