Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Buena Park Library District Celebrates Year's End with a Display of Holiday Buttons

The Buena Park Library District hosts an exhibit of holiday-themed buttons courtesy of Buena Park resident Dennis Doran. The display is located in the Library lobby and runs now through December 29, 2009.

Mr. Doran has been wearing and collecting buttons and pins for over 20 years. He has displayed his button collection at college and public libraries throughout Orange County. His collection has grown to over 7,000 buttons. Almost all of Mr. Doran's buttons have been given to him by family, friends and colleagues. According to Mr. Doran, he would wear a different button to work everyday from November to the end of December. He has brought a small portion of his collection to share with the patrons of the Buena Park Library. Included in the display are some buttons from local businesses and amusement parks.

Catch some holiday cheer and enjoy a unique way to celebrate the festive season.

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