Thursday, August 13, 2009

Buena Park Library to be Closed on Mondays Effective August 24th

At their meeting on August 11, 2009 the Buena Park Library District Board of Trustees made budget revisions based on the recent State budget which allows the transfer of 8% of library property tax revenue to the State. In order to save the amount needed, the Board voted to close the Library on Mondays beginning August 24th and to pass on additional retirement costs to the employees. These reductions will be in addition to the reductions made in January 2009 and July 2009, including a 50% reduction in the materials budget and a reduction in hours of part time employees.

"While the earlier decisions were made in order to not reduce hours or services, that is no longer possible. The Library Board deeply regrets the impact of these decisions on the community," commented Board President Bob Niccum. "The Library continues to be used more than ever during these bad economic times, but like everyone else, the Library has to live within its means."

Please contact the Library Director at 714-826-4100 x121 with any questions.

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