Tuesday, May 31, 2005

California Carving Guild Display at the Buena Park Library District

Members of Orange County Chapter #2 of the California Carving Guild are displaying their wood carvings at the Buena Park Library District. Over 60 of their creations are on display in the lobby now through June 24, 2005. The Buena Park Library District is located at 7150 La Palma Avenue in Buena Park, between Knott and Western Avenues.

The items on display have been created from familiar woods like basswood, walnut and pine, to more exotic woods like jelutong, a hardwood found in Indonesia and Malaysia. The carvings display a wide range of styles from the humorous caricatures of Ann Anton, to the stylized sting rays of Bill Bahret, and the amazingly, life-like birds of Richard Otsubo. Another noteworthy set of carvings by John Fleisher show the steps that turn a block of wood into a pike fish decoy. There are also fascinating pieces created from a single piece of wood such as Joyce Wofford’s "Chain Attached to a Ball in a Cage."

The skill levels displayed by the creators of the pieces range from the Novice, to the more skilled Expert and several of the carvers have brought sculptures representing their progress from Novice to Advanced to Expert Carver.

The California Carvers Guild is a statewide organization of woodcarvers. There are over 51 chapters statewide with over 900 active members. The California Carvers Guild was founded in 1974 and its primary aim is to promote and teach the art of carving. For more information about the California Carvers Guild, please call 714-530-7128. In the meantime, stop by the Library to be amazed at their handiwork.

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